About Lollyphile

We're a San Francisco-born & Austin-raised candy company with a sweet tooth and a short attention span. Since 2007, we've been having fun experimenting with new flavors and watching the reactions of our friends when they try our creations for the first time. Time has flown by, and most of a decade & thirty-odd flavors later, we've got a website with over 30 beautiful, bizarre, and unique flavors to show off.

We believe that candy can be every bit as much a gastronomical adventure as a fancy dinner, and we want to see just how far we can go. We want to make you remember exactly why you threw fits when your parents wouldn’t buy you candy, and then we’d like to gently remind you that you’re perfectly able to buy your own candy now. Good thing you saved your allowance, yeah?



We’ve been getting a ton of attention in the last few years. Our favorite us-related comment thus far has been from a guy on Metafilter who said, “Jesus got my letter!”

We’ve been featured in Maxim, Elle, 7×7, San Francisco Magazine, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Guardian, Penthouse… but we’re getting ahead of ourselves (and blushing!).

Anyhow, If you’re curious to see what other people are saying about us, here’s a few million links, in no particular order.